Friday, July 27, 2012

Prezi Unwrapped--Sneak Peek at Quinny and Maxi-Cosi's Hot New Must Have #giveaway

ChiIL Mama was stoked to enjoy a luncheon at Luxbar in the Gold Coast with the Quinny & Maxi-Cosi peeps.   In case you've been living in a cave, they're Europe's premier juvenile products brands and their award winning strollers and car seats are gorgeous and easy to use.   If you're still in (or about to embark upon) the stroller roller years...this one's for you!

Desert your diet at Luxbar!   The turkey burger sliders were flavorful too.

**It was fun to catch a sneek peek at The Prezi, a remarkable, state of the art baby seat, which will be available in a couple weeks.  We're also excited to offer our readers a major giveaway!   One lucky winner will be ridin' in style in a new Maxi-Cosi Mico® Infant Car Seat!!  Enter at the bottom of this post for your chance to win.   Entries will be open for two weeks, with our winner announced Friday, August 10th.  Thanks to Maxi-Cosi for graciously providing this give away for us.**

Enter right here for your chance to win! 

*Wait for Rafflecopter to load up (if you've gone through RSS feed or are scrolling down the blog and don't see it, click on the actual page title and it should pop right up).  Entries accepted nationwide.   Enter like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often.   Winning rocks! 

a Rafflecopter giveaway

At the luncheon, Maxi-Cosi unveiled their newest car seat, The Prezi, due in mid August.  The Prezi is like no other car seat on the market today with plush fabric, modern style and safety technology inspired by race car engineers!   

Check out Maxi-Cosi's main site for the whole scoop and ordering info.    The Prezi will be available in mid August 2012.
Here at ChiIL Mama, we've raised two urban babies, negotiated some of the country's biggest music fests with a double stroller, and lived the joys and pains of solo public transit travel with a stroller, newborn and toddler.   

Back in the day, when we were looking at baby gear....then double baby strollers and boosters, we waffled briefly between economical and awesome.   My husband piped up and said some words of wisdom that still ring in my ears today.  He said, "I don't cheap out on my work gear.  Raising kids is hard WORK and it's worth the extra cash to get the right gear that'll make your life easier."     

Those proved to be words to live by.  If you want a baby seat and stroller that will be a joy rather than a constant frustration, then check out these cuties.


Even celebrities are rockin' the Quinny & Maxi-Cosi look including Charlize Theron, January Jones, Selma Blair, Jenna Fischer, Denise Richards, Kimberly Stewart, Alicia Silverstone, Victoria Beckham, Ali Landry, Paul & Erin Stanley, Tori Spelling, Evangeline Lilly, Tia Mowry, Emily Deschanel and Mary McCormack.   

Everyone loves prezzies and what better gift to give a new mom or mom to be...or yourself for that matter, than a brand new Prezi!  

Maxi-Cosi®    PreziTM Infant Car Seat Next Generation in Comfort and Safety
The Maxi-Cosi® PreziTM Infant Car Seat offers a sleek design and convenience options that are designed to fit mom’s busy lifestyle without deterring from her style. Offering superior safety protection, the PreziTM was developed with advanced side impact protection featuring New G- Cell HXTM and Air Protect®. G-Cell HXTM is an advance patented rebounding foam technology with hexagonal shapes that mitigates first impact energy while Air Protect® dispels remaining crash forces.

The unique European design of the PreziTM is perfect for any mom’s fashion, as it comes in six vibrant colors. When combined with color-rich strollers from Quinny® and Maxi-Cosi®, the PreziTM now provides mom with endless possibilities for travel with baby.

For more information about the Maxi-Cosi® PreziTM, please visit:

•    For infants 4 – 30 pounds and up to 29 inches •    Superior Side Impact Protection featuring New G-Cell HXTM and Air Protect® •    5-position adjustable base with built in Rebound Control •    Includes a convenient stay-in-car adjustable base •    Integrated canopy, always on-hand and easy to
store •    EZ Out Harness •    Five-point harness with center front adjustment •    Compatible with Quinny® and Maxi-Cosi® strollers •    Multi-adjust handle •    Accessories include: Bug Net and Weather Shield 

    Available in 6 bold colors, including: Envious Red, Passionate Pink, Delighted Natural, Courageous Green, Reliant Blue and Devoted Black. •    SRP: $289  •    Available in mid-August

The Quinny Maxi-Cosi luncheon was fun and informative, and we even got a goody bag with a little something for baby and Mom, too.   I've been putting my Urban Aid On The Go Kit to good use and we're regifting the Baby Care Essentials to a teen mom in need, who is due in a couple of months.  


The highlight of the Luxbar luncheon for me was meeting The Baby Guy. 

From Cats to Kiddies
Jamie Grayson, AKA:  The Baby Guy NYC, is a hoot and a half.  It was my great pleasure to share a lunch table with him at The recent Quinny and Maxi-Cosi lunch in Chicago where he was invited as a guest speaker.   I cover and review all the Broadway in Chicago shows and mentioned that I'd just taken the kids to see Cats.   

Jamie told me he'd played the orange railway cat, Skimbleshanks, for a number of shows in New York.   He even gave us the inside scoop that the touring version of the stage for CATS is INFLATABLE.   We never would have guessed that elaborate, larger than life, junk yard is like a ginormous bounce house!  He said the blowers that keep it from collapsing put out a dull roar on stage.  He turned down an offer with the touring company for a less physically taxing career as a baby gear guru and an almost certified doula, who helped deliver his twin nieces.   Jamie's an interesting cat indeed!

The same photographic memory that made Broadway caliber choreography and lines easy to memorize, has catapulted this childless, gay, New York theatre boy to the top of the baby gear expert heap. However, it's his wicked wit, irreverence and sense of style that have made him a sought after spokesman, as much as his knowledge.   Or maybe it's the silly faces and expressive gestures....


He was cracking me up with tales of the endless baby swag arriving at his NYC abode, and how he reappropriated a designer diaper bag (the one Brad Pitt uses) into a man-purse.  His home decor incorporates a giant stuffed giraffe in sunglasses, and he uses organic baby food puree samples companies mail him to make some wicked vodka-mango drinks.  Makes me wanna hop a plane to NYC to hang out and learn baby blogging NY style!   Jamie--you can hit me up for my press +1's any time you're passing through Chi-Town again and we'll do theataaah Chicago style.

Check out Jamie's Baby Guy NYC site right here.   

Then check out Maxi-Cosi's main site right here, for light weight, safe, easy to carry car seats in TWELVE fun colors!

Did you enter above for your chance to win?!
Remember to enter like we vote in Chi, IL...early and often.   Spread the word, then check back with ChiIL Mama August 10th for our winner announcement.

Maxi-Cosi Mico® Infant Car Seat Lightweight Infant Car Seat Now Available in Full Color Palette ($189.99)
As THE lightest weight infant carrier in its class*, the Maxi-Cosi Mico® is designed to fit mom’s busy lifestyle with its lightweight structure and sleek design. 

The Mico® Infant Car Seat can also fit any mom’s style, as it now comes in 12 bold fashions. When combined with color-rich strollers from Quinny® and Maxi-Cosi®, the Mico® now provides mom with endless possibilities for travel with baby. By incorporating countless style options, lightweight design and convenience features, the Mico® allows mom and baby to enjoy every moment together.

•    Extra lightweight design for easy transport •    For infants 5 – 22 pounds and 19 – 29 inches •    Side Impact Protection •    Includes a convenient stay-in-car adjustable base •    Includes Cozi-DoziTM insert for smaller babies •    Integrated canopy, always on-hand and easy to store •    Five-point harness with up-front harness adjustment •    Compatible with Quinny® and Maxi-Cosi®
strollers •    Accessories include: Bug Net, Weathershield, Adjustable Base, Footmuff •    

Available in 12 bold colors, including: Leopard Pink, Misty Blue, Dress Blue, Natural Bright, Playful Grey, Sweet Cerise, Walnut Brown, Intense Red, Total Black, Lapis Blue, Steel Grey and Brown Earth.
*As compared to Infant Car Seats sold at similar prices.

Warning:   This seat's so cute it may cause baby fever in adults and/or make your kids beg for a little bro or sister!!

Disclaimer:   Thanks to Maxi-Cosi for providing a Micro for our giveaway.   All opinions expressed are my own and I was not paid by Maxi-Cosi for this feature.


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