Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Cubs Priceless Adventure-Mastercard #photo & video filled recap


When people ask me Cubs or Sox, I always say Blackhawks. 

So, even though hockey's on ice (or rather off ice) for the season, my heart still belongs to The Blackhawks.   I was surprised and happy to hear the old school Hawks theme song and see their iconic indian head represented on the screens between innings, when I went to see The Cubs play on 5/29 and 6/13.


  I even saw Hawks fans proudly showing their true colors among all the Cubbies red white & blue.   Maybe these hybrid Hawks/Cubs fans are "hubs", eh?  Better than the alternate.   Hee hee.

That said, when we were invited to a special Cubs day ON Wrigley Field with other members of the press, bloggers and Mastercard Priceless Cubs Pledge winners, we said an emphatic, YES! 


We were invited to:
*bat and catch with the coaches

*take a few swings in the batting cage behind the ivy, then keep a ball and get it signed by the coaches

*dine in style at the Stadium Club

*AND catch a free night game--Cubs V. Tigers


My kids tease me for saying WOO HOO and awesomely awesome......but even as a writer, I can't think of anything else that better sums up our day ON Wrigley Field.    It was indeed awesomely awesome!   Woo Hoo!!
Check out Du-Jay tossing a few balls and getting some great pointers from the pros!!

Then see him passing along his new found wisdom to little sister...priceless!


My Dad was born and raised in Rogers Park and has remained a life long Cubs fan since 1938.   


Here's my dad, Richard Rosene, as a child in the 40's Even though he lives two states away now, he still fervently follows The Cubs.  He also fondly tells stories of taking the el down to games as a child in the 40's.  He remembers sitting in the bleacher seats and his dad buying the kids lemonade, but he never saw a game from anywhere but the cheap seats.   
 His art work from April 1947--entitled "Ballgame" 
So, it was especially thrilling for him to see his grandson and granddaughter have a rockin' opportunity like this! 

The kids dug being on the flipside of the infamous ivy....

And walking in the footsteps of the pros... 


They also enjoyed getting to keep a ball and get it signed by the coaches!


It was a highlight getting photographs in "the circle" and hanging out with old and new blogger and press friends. 

  Dinner was a huge hit....especially the carry out cups full of gummy bears and M & M's for the game.

Sagezilla even got a chef's hat from the writer of "Reading Between the  Vines".


You too can enter to win a priceless experience by submitting your own Cubs pledge & then proof, by clicking the link right here, but do it now.   The contest closes on June 24th!!   
It can be silly, embarrassing, humanitarian or hard to do.  

Be creative.

 I pledged to donate 1 bag of kids clothes and toys to a womens' shelter or soup kitchen for every Cubs win to date as of 6/13 (21).  We're filling 'em up and sharing our stuff.   I figure that good karma's a win win situation.   My husband's just thrilled we're clearing the clutter.

My kids are more likely to juggle a ball than hit one with a bat.    They're becoming accomplished circus performers with CircEsteem, Chicago's premier youth circus.  They offer sliding scale classes in circus arts to kids from all income levels and neighborhoods across Chicago.  The team kids have even done circus exchange programs with kids in Africa and Germany, trading off hosting and traveling abroad! 
When I asked Sagezilla (9) and Du-Jay (11) what they would pledge to do in support of The Cubs, they eagerly and excitedly planned a few circus tricks to do ON Wrigley Field.    That way their kid energy and enthusiasm will infuse the field and linger there, boosting the Cubs players' stamina, flexibility, and enthusiasm!!


Du-Jay (11) pledged to juggle 3 balls 20 times while Sagezilla (9) did back walkovers ON Wrigley Field.  See ChiIL Mama's kids fulfill their pledge right here!

*Disclosure:   Thanks a million to Mastercard for providing this opportunity for us.   The memories we made and the photos and video we shot that day are truly priceless!

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  1. Congratulations on a Fabulous Day and WOW to bring both of your kids what a TREAT!!!
    GO CUBS!!!