Tuesday, June 16, 2009

PJ Harvey at The Riv 6-12-09

PJ, barefoot and beautiful

photo credit: Kirstie Shanley

I had the great luck to win 4 free tickets to see PJ Harvey at The Riviera Theatre for her show this past Friday. We had a friend available to sit for the kids and were already planning to go to celebrate our 9th anniversary. So getting to go free was an added bonus.

She danced the whole show barefoot, and wrapped us in the strands of her hypnotic voice. The Riv, with it's peeling paint encircled chandeliers, and
tattered, ripped velvet dress ambiance , added to the show.

Here's a trib review ...

and a set list with video links

    1. Black Hearted Love
    2. Sixteen, Fifteen, Fourteen
    3. Rope Bridge Crossing
    4. Urn with Dead Flowers in a Drained Pool
    5. The Soldier
    6. Taut
    7. Un Cercle Autour Du Soleil
    8. The Chair
    9. Leaving California
    10. A Woman A Man Walked By
    11. Passionless, Pointless
    12. Cracks in the Canvas
    13. Pig Will Not
    14. Encore:
    15. False Fire
    16. April
We've been to see her a number of times over our last 14 years together and she's always amazing! We had to skip Friday night of The Chicago Blues Fest, but we got our share of the Blues Saturday and Sunday. Whether you're a long time admirer or are saying PJ who?, I'd encourage you to listen to a bit of her creative and unique artistic endeavors.

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