Friday, June 5, 2009

It's Fest Season, Ya Know...Keep the Beat at Metronome

Ahhhhhhhh. That season is upon us at last. That lovely time of year in Chicago, when we recall why we tolerate the insufferably long, cold winters. Chicago streets open their arms wide, crank up the live music and everyone comes out of hibernation, to play. Every weekend there are too many options. It's fest season, ya know.

The Raven Fest is goin' on, there's a giant art fair on the south side, and innumerable neighborhood events. But brand newbie fest, Metronome, is where we'll be hangin' Saturday after Lit Fest and Sunday. The fest runs from noon till 10pm daily and will have a green hue--no not necessarily the hair at the punk stage...but the sustainable, eco-vendors and kinder-gentler-recycle your empties bent.

How can we resist? It's in our hood for one thing. 'Bout time Logan got a decent street party. Saturday, Kid Congo Powers (The Cramps/Nick Cave and The Bad Seeds) is on at 4pm. And there's a whole Punk stage Sunday! It's our chance to continue the littles punk rock 101 education with The Effigies, The Methadones and Deals Gone Bad.
 If your punk kin are young enough to get you arrested if you leave them home alone, and you're tired of dropping more on a sitter than the cost of a punk show, to get your live music fix, then Metronome is where you wanna be. For a $5 donation and with all ages welcome, you can't beat it.

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