Monday, June 15, 2009

I ♥ Faces Sepia--Hoop Girls and The Dirty Cowboy

This week's contest at I ♥ Faces is sepia tone, which I've never really played with. It always reminds me of old fashioned photos, so I tried to pick two that fit with a turn of the century theme. My children's entry-Hoop Girls, was shot at Blues Fest Saturday. My adult entry, was shot last year at a Lifeline Children's Theatre adaptation of the book, The Dirty Cowboy. Enjoy.

I also have a favor to ask. ChiIL Mama is one of 4 blogs nominated for best blog, Chicago, on GoCityKids. Please help us win by clicking on the circle link below and selecting ChiIL Mama. This circle will appear on the top right side of my blog, under the slide show, for easy access. I'll give my children each a big xtra hug for each vote. You can vote up to once a day through July 15th. Thank you!


  1. The sepia tone really brings out the "western" feel of these photos.

  2. how fun are these? I love them! As Amanda Heath said--the sepia tone adds a lot! great work!

  3. Great photos! They look like they are from a real classic western movie.

  4. Love these photos. They are definitely awesome in sepia.

  5. Fun pics! Great for sepia, too!


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