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BOOK REVIEW: Leah Segedie's Hilariously Helpful Green Enough Available Now

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Best Books On Our Radar
Green Enough
by Leah Segedie

Put back that "What to Expect..." and "How to Raise a..." and pick up Green Enough for your next baby shower, expectant and new moms, family and friends of all ages. Leah Segedie is a hilarious read on a serious subject, how do we keep from poisoning our families in a toxic world, without driving ourselves and everyone around us crazy. Militant hardliners in any field are tough to take, and lots of moms are guilted into doing nothing by the eco-friendlier than thou purists, because they always feel they're not doing 110%. This is not that mom. This is not that book. 

I was elated to get an advance copy as an e-book to review, and I can tell already that this is a keeper. We consider ourselves an eco-friendly family, but I'll be referring to Green Enough frequently. There's still plenty more healthy, helpful changes we can make without breaking the bank or causing a teen mutiny!

My motto here at ChiIL Mama too: 

Let this great guide be a stepping stone to making a few key choices here and there, enjoying fun new recipes, and making informed choices on what's safe and what can slide. Leah has done all the tough stuff and compiled the research. It can be mind boggling to keep up with all the news when a barrage of new things are deemed problems, that were thought safe. And there's even conflicting info out there. information overload is real. How's a mom supposed to muddle through? Green Enough is a funny, fun read and packed with amazing nuggets of information that are easy to grock and simple to implement. Highly recommended!

Green Enough
Eat Better, Live Cleaner, Be Happier (All Without driving Your Family Crazy!)
By Leah Segedie

In GREEN ENOUGH (Rodale Books; on-sale March 20, 2018), Mamavation blogger Leah Segedie offers an irreverent, entertaining take on making smart, healthy choices for you and your family and detoxifying your home, diet, and lifestyle.

After becoming a parent, Leah Segedie decided to investigate what, exactly, was in the food and household products she was buying. It turns out that many of them were filled with dangerous chemicals and toxins that have been show to negatively impact human health. From that moment on, she embarked on a path of non-toxic living and became determined to help others. As a marketing expert and creator of the hit blog Mamavation, Segedie researched thousands of products and health claims to evaluate their safety. 

Segedie shows readers how to make the best choices possible about what they bring into their homes – from furniture to packaged food – all without losing their minds! It’s not about being “perfect,” it’s about being armed with the right information so that you can put your family on the path to better health. 

Segedie includes:
  • Delicious, kid-approved recipes for readers looking to detoxify their cooking routine
  • The brands that contain toxic chemicals and dangerous additives
  • How to choose organic produce that’s pesticide-free (it’s harder than it seems)
  • Instructions on making the move to meat, dairy, and eggs that don’t contain GMOs, growth hormones, and dangerous pathogens 

LEAH SEGEDIE is the creator of Mamavation.com, which reaches 4.4 million unique visitors a year, and CEO of the eco-wellness conference ShiftCon. She has spent the last decade uncovering the deceptive marketing and fallacious propaganda embedded in our everyday lives from corporations and the food industry. Through her blog, thousands of moms have detoxified their lives and the lives of their children. She lives in Simi Valley, California. 

 Here's a sneak peek at a few passages and pointers:
Reprinted from Green Enough by Leah Segedie. Copyright ©2018 by Leah Segedie. By permission of Rodale Books, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Available wherever books are sold.

It may not all be good news, but it's good for you news. Knowledge is power. What are you waiting for? Go out and get your copy. 

Disclosure: Once again, I was given an advance copy of Green Enough on line for review purposes. As always, all opinions are my own. 

Reprinted from Green Enough by Leah Segedie. Copyright ©2018 by Leah Segedie. By permission of Rodale Books, a division of Penguin Random House LLC. Available wherever books are sold. 

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