Monday, February 19, 2018

PHOTO RECAP: Chicago Auto Show 2018

Check Out ChiIL Mama's Adventures At 
The Nation's Largest Auto Show 

It's our 7th season ChiILin' in Chi, IL and covering the Chicago Auto Show (CAS). Check out our full set of shots in the slideshow here and more favorites embedded below. I attended both the Thursday media preview on 2/8 and also Women's Day on 2/13. 

Full Set of CAS 2018 Show Shots:

This year, virtual reality headsets were more of a feature. Honda's was fun, but basically a glorified sales pitch.

Chevy's Virtual Dynamics Lab, on the other hand, went full on amusement park with VR Goggles, tilting seats, "snakes in the grass" that hit your legs, and real wind in your face. There were more video game type car races and experiences this year as well. 

Since I work in social media, I'm also excited to note that CAS 2018 was more social media friendly than ever. There were loads of interactive exhibits, codes to scan, and hashtags galore. 

Of course there were exciting new reveals, and quirky classics. Even the Blackhawks Camaro and Chevy Family Fun Zone were back.

These creative classics were favorites of mine.


I tried test drives at Camp Jeep, Kia SUV Gym, and The Toyota Camry Course.

From large to small, CAS had 'em all.

Highlights for me this year were working on social media campaigns and sponsored posts with A Girls Guide to Cars and The Steel Industry, getting a tour of the Chicago Auto Show led by Dr. Jody Hall, Automotive Market VP of The Steel Market Development Institute (SMDI), 

and catching an inspirational Women's Day speech by Emily Miller, founder of Rebelle Rally, a women-only off-road competition. This incredible woman once drove 22 hours in a race without getting out of the car. She's got grit and the boots to prove it!

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