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PHOTO FEATURE: ChiIL Mama's Adventures at the 25th Annual Gymnastics Beach Meet #Chicago #Gymnastics #OriginalPhotos

Beach Meet 2015

This past Saturday and Sunday, Chicago hosted the 25th annual Gymnastics Beach Meet out at gorgeous Montrose Beach and I'm thrilled to report, Sage medaled in both of her events! Her team of 3 - The Supergirls medaled for their rockin' floor routine and Sage also took 5th in vault. We'll post videos in the near future too, so check back with ChiIL Mama like we vote in Chi, IL... early and often.

This is one of our favorite meets of the year because 8-34 year olds compete, including college teams, and unlike regular meets, colorful costumes and funky accessories are encouraged for tumbling and gymnastics. Competitors also choose their own music and choreography instead of everyone doing the same routine to the same music like USAG meets, so it's much more fun for the spectators too. Both of my kids, Sage and Dugan, competed waaaaay back in 2010 and Sage has competed from 2013 to present as well. This meet us utterly unique and crazy colorful.

Check out our full slide show of shots right here:
We'll also embed our favorite photos below.

I'm still in awe that the Chicago Park District trucks copious numbers of mats, a full sized spring floor, and all the gymnastics apparatus for women's and men's competitions down to the sandy shores of Lake Michigan. It's no small feat, but so much fun it's well worth the effort! After the athletes compete, most stay on and swim and play in the water with their family and friends.

In most gymnastics meets, each athlete competes solo on bars, beam, floor and vault with similar ages and levels. The Beach Meet is quite different. Athletes compete in groups of 3 with a floor routine together and then each competes just one additional event, with one each on bars, beam and vault. In my daughter, Sage's group, she was on vault and picked up a last minute spot on bars as a sub for Ava, who was injured the day before and unable to swing it.

Don't let the sandy setting and playful vibe fool you though. This is one seriously hard competition, because the ages are just broken into 2 broad categories, older & children, with the 3 athletes' ages averaged. The competition is fierce!

We're so proud of all the hard work and creativity the girls put into their routine from choosing the music and choreography, to designing and ordering their costumes and accessories. 

Here's a little early Throwback Thursday action from 2010. Dugan placed 2nd in boys tumbling that year, and Sage, freshly out of a cast for a broken ankle gymnastics injury, still placed and got a ribbon.

Our Photo Favs From Beach Meet 2015:

"The Bridezillas" getting creative with the costuming!

Super Girl, Kimberly is super on the beam and she's a super big sister too!

All ages fun in the audience.

We lucked out on the weather. Saturday's athletes had 110 degree heat index and ripping thunder storms. Sunday, we got 80's, cloud cover and 
a nice lake breeze!

High fives and congrats among team mates. Avondale Park Gymnastics is tiny but mighty!

That's really super, Supergirls!

I've heard rumors that CPD is going to discontinue the Beach Meet, but I hope that's not true. It's a well loved tradition and something so unique, it should run at least another 25 years or more. Long live Beach Meet!

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