Thursday, July 16, 2015

Foodie Fun at Revolucion Mexican Steakhouse #dinerevolucion #SITSBlogging

Today's SITS Girls Photo Challenge is 
Food Photography

I'm extra jazzed the photo lesson today is written by Nap Warden, a fellow Chicago blogger I know in person as well as on line. Her tips are fabulous, funny, and easy to implement, no matter your camera budget or skill level. Check it out HERE. I'm going to add many of these photo tips to our FOODIE TUESDAYS features at ChiIL Mama.

I'll post these in 2 shots of different compositions so you can see which one you think is stronger.

For this submission, I was a little limited on lighting and surfaces, since these were shot on location at Revolucion Mexican Steakhouse, 3443 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL. Still, the servings were so artfully presented and delicious, and it was in my queue of "shot already and yet to review", so I decided to go with these.  

Huge thanks to Revolucion Mexican Steakhouse for hosting a tasting so we could come out and review. The food was fantastic with a range of unique dishes. The various steak choices were the unanimous favorites at our table, but the chicken choices were superb as well. We'll be posting another feature with more in depth descriptions of their entrees and their new chef.

Revolucion Mexican Steakhouse is Chicago's first and only Mexican steakhouse and if you're in Chicago, they're well worth a visit.

Save room for dessert. Their chocolate cake, churros and combo chocolate cake/flan were a sweet treat to top off a savory meal.

It was a true pleasure to join
@MyJoyMyWorld @more4momsbuck & @LittleTechGirl at @RevolucionRest for great food and excellent company.

Revolucion Mexican Steakhouse
 3443 N. Broadway, Chicago, IL 60657 at 6:30 pm.

For More Information Check Them Out Here:

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