Sunday, April 14, 2013

Puberty American Girl Style: The Care and Keeping of You 2 #review #live author chat #sponsored

ChiIL Mama's 9 year old American Girl, Sage, loves to shop at Water Tower Place but runs away when I try to talk puberty

ChiIL Mama had a chance to check out The Care and Keeping of You 2 and it's an excellent and welcome resource from American Girl. It's funny and fact filled without being boring or heavy handed. Families have so many different levels of openness, permissiveness, and religious and cultural differences surrounding raising tweens. We love that the author, Dr. Cara Natterson, frequently encourages girls to go to their parents for the final word. And on the universal changes she nails it, providing anecdotal stories tweens can relate to, and loads of reassuring info to allay anxieties about what's normal. 

(Disclosure:   Thanks to American Girl for sending us a copy of the book to review.  All opinions are our own.)

Chat with THE CARE & KEEPING OF YOU 2 author Dr. Cara Natterson on Facebook every Wednesday at 7pm (central time) through April 24th.   Join us to learn how to discuss puberty with your growing girl—plus enter for a chance to win a prize package featuring a signed book (mobile entry not available):

Sure, it's fun having a tween daughter when you're shopping at The American Girl Doll Store, but it's a bit less of a joy when it comes to discussing the facts of life, growth and change. Sometimes physical maturity comes before emotional maturity and kids do NOT want to talk about this stuff. With puberty hitting lots of girls younger than ever, though, even 7 & 8 year olds need to know what's up, so they won't fear the unknown or worry something is wrong with them. Someone I know well started her period before anyone told her what to expect and she thought she was seriously ill, and stressed out about it for months before her mom found the hidden evidence and told her what was up. No little girl should have to go through that!

I was clued in early and I've been open with my own son and daughter with age appropriate info since they were toddlers, so there'll be no huge shocks. Still, my 9 year old gets embarrassed and runs away when I try to engage with her about puberty, and she hid the first Care & Keeping of You book deep in her closet and turned bright red and said it was "inappropriate" when I asked her where the book disappeared! I told her there's nothing more appropriate and that change is a beautiful and natural part of growing from a little kid into a woman. She may not want to hear about adolescent mood swings or menstruation from me, but it's a relief to know she's covertly reading the books on her own. Thanks American Girl Co. for making this an easier subject to 

broach and getting great information out there for all of our girls!

We've been thoroughly enjoying this year's American Girl Doll of The Year 2013.... my daughter's namesake, Saige!!!!   My daughter's been saving up all her "helpful works money" (allowance) for Saige's outfits, art set, accessories and pets.   She's got her fingers crossed for Saige's hot air balloon for her 10th birthday, May 11th!

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