Thursday, February 28, 2013

Grammy Winning Okee Dokee Brothers Interview With ChiIL Mama #originalvideo

It was our great pleasure to catch up with the Okee Dokee Brothers for a video interview.  They'd just played our concert series at Beat Kitchen's Concerts for Kids in Chicago.  They had to cancel their last scheduled Beat Kitchen show, earlier this month, which fell on Grammy Sunday.   The boys were a bit in demand as this year's kids album winners!   That's a good excuse to miss a gig if I've ever heard one.   They've promised to reschedule and make it up to us.    

Check out their live show footage from Beat Kitchen interspersed in the interview above, and find out what other kindie favs of ours also played on their Grammy winning album.    Hint:   We just gave 4 tickets & brunch for 4 away for a show with one of them last weekend....   

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