Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Chris (Sandman) Sand Singing His Kid Appropriate Song-Shelly The Sea Turtle (video)

Shelly The Sea Turtle (shot at Tony's house-summer of 2011)

Check out our video interview with Sandman and Chi-Town fav, musician Tony Rogers over on ChiIL Live Shows (PG13 language alert).    There's some rockin' live footage we shot at The Hideout on 4/26/12.   We'll have a shorter interview excerpt just pertaining to How Creatives Parent and How Parents Create here at ChiIL Mama in the near future.   

Sandman's songs runs the gamut from kids' indie (kindie) to hilariously raunchy adult songs.   We're running his less kid friendly clips over at our sister site.    ChiIL Mama knows there's life after birth and just because you hang with waaaaay underagers now, that doesn't mean you have to watch kids' stuff 24/7.   In fact, if anyone needs a good dose of inappropriate, adult humor, it's parents of young children!    Both Sandman and Tony are fathers and creative, funny individuals.    Check 'em out.

*WARNING:   While totally kid appropriate lyrically, Shelly The Sea Turtle is highly addictive and will likely be coming out your littles' mouths for a looooong time.    The upside....that's not necessarily a bad thing.

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