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Win-A-Disc-Wednesday--Count Down to Kidzapalooza Special--CANDY BAND: HIGH FIVE

Hey, it's that time again.   ChiIL Mama's weekly Kids' Indie (or kindie) music give away.   Candy Band has been one of our favs, since we heard them at Lollapalooza years ago.

Sagezilla and Du-Jay both dug Candy Band's new 2010 release, High Five.   Don't let anyone convince you that candy's not good for you.   This rock candy is a zero calorie treat the whole family will enjoy. 

We got a kick out of Pirate's Life, a ballad about a pirate child who's over it. Among the plethora of pirate wannabe songs, this funny turn about is a real stand out.   The story line's amusingly unexpected and still provides ample opportunities for a good pirate "Aaaarrrrggg." 

Our unanimous favorite off the new CD is a rockin' version of Ode to Joy.   But we also have to agree that Godzilla/Iron Man and It's Raining Green are pretty rockin' amazing, too.

Sagezilla first earned her nickname at the tender age of one, when she used to growl and hurl her big bro's trains and villages across the room.   We used to sing her "Oh no...there goes Tokyo...Sagezilla."   So, this was a hilarious blast from the past, and a rockin' good cover we could really relate to.   This is one disc your punk kin don't wanna miss!

“High Five” is the 5th release from Candy Band, just out since April 2010.   This time around, they recorded at Rustbelt Studio in Royal Oak, Michigan and enlisted Al Sutton on the boards. Al has worked with everyone from Kid Rock to D-12 and Sponge. 

High Five also features the talents of keyboardist extraordinaire, Luis Resto (Eminem), who also played accordion, melodica, piano and synthesizer. Johnny Badanjek of the Mitch Ryder and The Detroit Wheels and Rockets fame even penned a song called “Termites”. 

This new recording promises to be the best and most interesting of all Candy Band releases. With songs such as Ice Cream, Pirates Life, Sharks, I’m a Monkey and Mom Says No – this is a very diverse CD. They even punked out the classical song “Ode to Joy” complete with German lyrics and a string section!!

Candy Band
is four Detroit moms 
who play high-energy, punk style kids' music.  
Original tunes, nursery rhymes, movie themes, 
a pinch of Green Day or a dash of Black Sabbath,
 we do it all! 
 Children's music with an edge...

Check out their youtube channel.

**Enter here to win Candy Band's new 2010 release, High Five.**
Entries accepted through next Tuesday at midnight.   Winners announced every Wednesday.


Born in May of 2003, Candy Band is comprised of 4 Detroit area Mom’s that wanted to create some kids music that had more rock and less whine. With influences like The Ramones and Iggy Pop, they quickly attracted attention from the Wall Street Journal, New York Post, London Times, Blender Magazine, XM Satellite Radio, Women’s Day, USA Today, People Magazine, CBS Early Show and NBC’s Today Show.

Candy Band’s debut self-titled CD is in its fourth pressing and their second CD “More Candy” and 3rd CD “Lollipunk” have had lots of airplay on kid’s stations across the country (including XM Satellite Radio). They released “Calling All Kids” in January of 2007, and their version of “Down by the Bay” is in heavy rotation on XM Radio and other kids stations across the country such as Spare the Rock, Spoil the Child out of Massachusetts and Greasy Kids Stuff in New York City.

Candy Band continues to build an intense following in the Detroit area and beyond. They’ve played Lollapalooza in Chicago (2005, 2006 and 2007), a Pancake Mountain Dance Party in Washington D.C., the annual Mamapalooza Festival in New York City, the Vans Warped Tour in Detroit (2005 and 2006), and also various libraries, schools, nightclubs and street fairs. They have even performed and recorded with the Detroit Symphony Civic Youth Orchestra and are regular favorites at the Detroit Zoo.

So, fill up your sippy cup, fasten your seat belts and put your fists in the air – Candy Band wants to rock your world!!

One of the best new kids’ CDs of 2003” – NEW YORK POST

Mother Goose meets the Clash” – USA TODAY

Detroit moms mix kiddie music with punk. Finally!” – BLENDER

These four stay-at-home moms from Detroit have a wide appeal” – PEOPLE MAGAZINE


A jamming girl group that turns up the volume on motherhood and kids tunes” -WOMEN’S DAY

A solid alternative for parents who would rather listen to The Stooges than John Denver”  - DETROIT METRO PARENT MAGAZINE

A band that rocks out classic children’s songs in a style even the Sex Pistols could appreciate” – DETROIT NEWS

Finally, four rocker moms have stepped up to the challenge of rearing chilluns the right way, good old fashioned rock-n-roll” --MOTORCITYROCKS.COM

The vocals are great, the singing is plain and clear, the band keeps you rockin’ and rollin’” - CURIOUS PARENTS MAGAZINE

You guys really have something unique here, and you pull it off with style. This is one of the most notable CD’s I’ve listened to in a long time”

(These are some Mamas I'd hang out with.  My ipod has a lotta these favorites in it, too!)

Candy Name: Almond Joy
Instrument: Guitar
Likes: Baby Animals
Dislikes: People that are mean to baby animals
Pizza Toppings: Mushrooms, onions, green peppers
Hobbies: Reading, Cooking, Collecting Sheet Music
Favorite Movies: Spinal Tap, Jaws, Fargo, Little Miss Sunshine
What’s in her CD Player: Amy Winehouse, Beatles, Wolfmother
Fantasy: To be on a cooking show that makes stuff out of leftovers

Candy Name: Skittles
Instrument: Voice
Likes: Watching a movie at the theater with popcorn & frozen coke
Dislikes: Flying
Pizza: Anchovies
Movies: Fargo and Best in Show
What’s in her CD player: The Smiths and Henry Rollins
Fantasy: Going to the Academy Awards with Johnny Depp
Other: Born and raised in Zurich, Switzerland

Candy Name: Kit Kat
Instrument: Bass
Likes: Coffee, Sleep, Big Cities and Satire
Dislikes: Meat and Republicans
Pizza Toppings: Cheese
Hobbies: Yoga and reading
What’s in her CD Player: Bad Brains
Fantasy: No winter

Candy Name: Starburst
Instrument: Drums
Likes: Thai Food, Resale Shopping, My Kids
Dislikes: Rushing and Stress
Hobbies: Pilates and Decorating
Pizza Toppings: Mushrooms, Onions, Green Pepper
Favorite Movie: Oklahoma
What’s in her CD Player: The White Stripes
Fantasy: No Cellulite
Win a disc on ChiIL Mama and come on out and see 'em live at Kidzapalooza.   Moms Rock!

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