Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Lost and Found--Impressed With Emily Press Labels

Summer camp season is upon us again.   And if your kids are anything like mine, they're far too busy playing with friends, swimming, creating camp crafts, and exploring outdoors to keep track of their stuff.   That's when you need a friend like Emily Press.

Our first week, I made a daily check of the lost and found at both camps and retrieved our:

1 raincoat
1 pair of sunglasses
2 water bottles
2 bandannas
1 lunch box
1 wet pair of socks
1 camera

Yesterday we were already in the car and I sent them back because they left EVERYTHING!  (backpack, 2 lunch boxes, 2 water bottles, 2 jackets)
The time and money spent replacing kids' clothes and gear adds up!    And sleep away camps are even more rough for losing stuff.   Then there's the common situation of look alikes.   Which one of those 12 matching water bottles is your happy camper's?
So, I was excited when our Emily Press Labels arrived.   They're a Vancouver company that ships everywhere.   And they have excellent, quality labels that hold up.   They're waterproof, dishwasher and microwave safe, sunscreen and fade resistant.
In the past, we have used fabric markers and iron on name labels which took a lot of time to apply, didn't last, and sometimes blurred beyond recognition.   Those days are over.   These labels are a quick peel and stick.

The designs are so much fun, Sagezilla and Du-Jay couldn't wait to use them on everything from lunch containers to shoes.   We've been extremely impressed with Emily Press.

Check out their web site for a huge variety of creative, funky label art for the whole family.

My husband is the king of weekly lost stainless steel coffee mugs, so he's getting tagged, too.

Emily Press has some great packets of Camp Labels and Back to School labels, or you can pick and chose your own configuration.   We went with a Camp Label Collection of 100 assorted sizes and shapes with Meechy Monkey Grassy Scene from The Kids Play Collection.   We chose to include our last name and phone number to maximize the chance of returns, but labels can be custom designed to include first or last names or any combination of information.

My kids are in and out of a series of great half day camps throughout the city, and our 1st week we split time between Nature Camp and Gymnastics Camp at two different parks.   

This week we're in Pioneer the World Camp at The Swedish American Museum where the kids "fly" to a different continent each day in a cardboard airplane and learn about games, food, customs, and songs for each country.   Yesterday they flew to India and today they're jetting off to Ethiopia.   Tomorrow they'll spend the day in Puerto Rico.   Thursday they're off to Sweden and thrilled that they're going to get to bring photos, video, and souvenirs from our actual trip to Sweden.

Next week the kids split two different directions with Sagezilla returning to Gymnastics Camp and Du-Jay heading off to with the Urban Campers to learn Camping 101 skills, fishing and kayaking, and cooking over a fire culminating in a one night camp out.   The following week, they're both together again, out of town and in Zoo Camp.

Summer's not a time for stressing out, and with our hectic schedule and a second job as the kid taxi driver, I don't have time to hand print our contact info 100 times on difficult fabrics or re buy summer essentials.  I'm relaxed and relieved that what gets lost can easily be found, thanks to Emily Press.

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