Sunday, January 10, 2010

Think Globally--Learn Locally At Multilingual Chicago (Comment to win $180 value kids language session)

ChiIL Mama is excited to team up with Multilingual Chicago to bring you a great contest this week.   Enter from Sunday 1/10 through Friday, 1/15.

Win a free kid's class session (9 weeks, value $180) at Multilingual Chicago, in your choice of Spanish, French or Mandarin.   Comment about why it is important for kids to learn languages.   Winner will be drawn at random, on Friday, 1/15.

Multilingual Chicago
is now open in Logan Square.   They offer classes in Spanish, French and Mandarin for kids 1-3, 3-5, & 6-8.    Classes in the above languages, as well as Italian, are available for adults, too.   Their new session begins January 18th. 

They also have a drop-in option for the 1-3 and 3-5 classes if you don’t want to commit to an entire session.

ChiIL Mama loves to support local businesses that are enriching the community, and we are huge supporters of children learning second languages.   Chicago is such a vibrant, multicultural microcosm.   We can't wait to see what all our readers have to say in the comments section.

 Even if you don't win the free class session, ChiIL Mama readers are still winners.   Multilingual Chicago is offering a special 10% off discount.  Use code CHILMOM110 at checkout.

 Good luck!


  1. I think it's important for kids to learn a foreign language because we live in an increasingly global economy and it's important to understand other languages and cultures when conducting business. Also, learning a foreign language creates new neural pathways in your brain which helps a child's cognitive abilities. And learning a foreign language is fun! Jenifer Dravillas (mother of a 3 yr old), 312-925-4222

  2. I believe it's important for kids to learn a foreign language early, while learning is still fun and built into their day to day lives. It is becoming almost a requirement to learn another language, especially living in a wonderfully diverse city like Chicago. Why not teach it to kids now, before it becomes just another assignment or worksheet they have to complete for school?

    C.Alamillo 773-450-1270

  3. Kids need more than one language because it's such an interconnected world. Languages are a passport to be better understand another culture. There's nothing quite so heartwarming as the smile of recognition when someone who does not expect you to understand suddenly realizes that you're not so foreign after all!

  4. Everywhere else in the world, children are multi-lingual, and speak English regardless of their native tongue. The earlier we teach new languages, the sooner we open up new worlds for our kids. The time is now, when they're eager little sponges, and learning is exciting—not a chore.

  5. Learning spanish and choctaw is an import part of my children learning and understanding their cultures. We take choctaw classes online and need to find a good place to take spanish classes to enhance what we are teaching them at home.

  6. After just returning from 3 weeks in Spain I felt a bit frustrated my daughter could not speak the language. Wish she had more opportunity to
    learn spanish. She could then speak to our neighbors in Logan Square.

  7. Hi everyone:

    I love reading your comments! I'm owner of Multilingual Chicago, and I'm trying to raise my 3 1/2 year old, Henry, to be bilingual. I hope to see many of you and your kids around our new school! (and we also have classes for grown-ups so you can keep up with your kids!)

  8. It is so important to understanding cultures and people other than your "own." Diversity in our lives is what makes them rich! Communication is a lifelong skill that is always evolving. Children need the tools early to learn to communicate AND understand other. Also, just sending them to class or incorporating a bit of language diversity sends home an important message, "Learning to communicate with others is important and your responsibility!"

  9. The best gift a parent can provide is an environment to learn additional languages. It is so much easier to learn languages during childhood. We are currently raising our 15 month old daughter to be bilingual in English and Mandarin because we want her to be familiar with both of the cultures that compose our household.

    Qin Cai 312.550.1676

  10. Wow! My twin preschoolers are going to be very excited with their new class. Thanks ChiIl Mama and Jill!