Friday, January 8, 2010

Happy 1st Birthday I ♥ Faces

I ♥ Worm Faces

 I ♥ Upside down Faces

I ♥ Eel Faces

I ♥ Muddy Friend Faces 

I ♥ Skully Faces

My how you've grown.   In just one year, 
I ♥ Faces has become a big, fun, creative, vibrant community.   To celebrate, the contest this week is a bit different.   5 photos can be entered instead of just 1, and the contest is open till 9pm Friday instead of just Monday-Tuesday.   It's a timely I ♥ Faces theme, where their logo needs to be incorporated into each contest photo.

Now's a good time to check out their web site for all the great talent showcased there, or to try your hand.   This birthday week will be full of fun contests and challenges starting Sunday.   Just click on the cupcake or the button below it and enjoy!


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