Monday, August 17, 2009

Time Machine July 31-August 18th

Midsummer Night's and Wii into the wee hours of the night...All A 3 days of Lollapalooza...First Day of 1st and 3rd Grade...Dad turns 44...Phish at Toyota Park...Breakfast with Frey the Viking...Missed health fairs and green fest fun...and 3 workshops at 826CHI--Farmer's Market Fun, Music and Lyrics, and Time Capsules! Whew. I needa nap.Time flies when you're having kids.....I mean fun. Or fun with your kids. I've been horribly lax in posting in the waning days of summer. Du and Sagezilla returned to school August 10th, and even that event didn't bring much respite.

Instead, I've been loading up on the school supplies, running a uniform trade up, assigning room parents, playing taxi driver, and catching up with the lives of our school pals.

Now, I'll try to pilot my time machine back through the blogosphere and recap all the crazy cool adventures we've had these last 19 days.

If you were reading ChiIL Mama last summer, you'll remember Du-Jay went through a streak as wininest kid ever--winning a giant hula hoop at world hoop day in Wicker Park and the grand prize electric guitar in the Kidzapalooza lottery within one week.

This is Sagezilla's summer to shine. She won honorable mention in the Graeters Ice Cream art contest and won both a First Act "Band in a Bucket" and "Fun in a Drum" from the Kidzapalooza lottery.Our close friend, Trevor, was the lucky red, Gibson, electric guitar prize winner this year. He's the one who told his Mom, at age 5, I'm gonna grow up and be in a band called Alien Blood. Zilla wants to be lead singer, Sagie Contagious, and play Du's silver metal flake guitar, and he's all ready to rock the drums.

I'll be posting about all these happenings in more detail this week. Then ChiIL Mama will be back to blogging in close to real time. Enjoy!

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