Saturday, August 29, 2009

Make the Best of the Last Weekend of August

There's so much going on this weekend in Chicago, that again, we can only hit the best of the last.   Look for ChiIL Mama at Bucktown Arts Festival which runs 11-7 daily. 
All ages are welcome, under 8 is free.   Above 8 is $4 and adults are $7.  The show is in conjunction with Girls Rock Chicago.   Here are the details.

Girls Guide to Rocking show at the hideout--teen girl bands Fatal Attraction and Circular Convention from 1:15-1:30, then Jessica Hopper reads from the Girls Guide to Rocking, then Glass Bricks, spooky sister duo Ghost Bees (Nova Scotia) and Katie Stelmanis &band (from Toronto).
 If the kids aren't ODed on music after 4pm, we hope to duck down to the heart of Logan Square to see our favorite punk marching band, Mucca Pazza at 5:30.   We haven't made it there yet, but I've heard great things about Logan Square's new outdoor performance series, Summer Sessions on the Square.

Sunday at noon, Chicago Children's Theatre mounts a free performance of The Selfish Giant in Millennium  Park.   We've already seen it--Check out past ChiIL Mama post The Selfish Giant , but it's well worth checking out.
We're aiming to be in Millennium for performances on Monday, Aug 31st-Robbert Bobbert and Bunny Clogs, Thursday, Sept. 3rd-Jazz-Benny Goodman Centennial, Friday, Sept. 11th-Stars of Lyric Opera, and Thursday, Sept 17th-The Joffrey Ballet.   Check out the Millennium Park web site for details.
And we're off.............

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