Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Psycho Killer Camping

I'm a sucker for the macabre and dark humor, so when I saw the Bonnie and Clyde sleeping bag I knew it had to be mine.  Does it go with the Jeffrey Dahmer camp stove and Robert Wayne Daniels tent?   Perfect for fugitives from justice and family camping, this versatile bag quickly converts into two bags or zips together.   Not recommended for disposal of victims.  

Du-Jay has outgrown his plush lion bag and Sagezilla's black panther is bulky, so we decided it made more sense to kick our good Slumberjack bags to the kids and get a set of square ones that can zip together for us.   So, the children will no longer rest in the bellies of large, predatory cats and we will cuddle up like killers on the lam.

We love to camp as a family.   Despite the 11 degree wind chill weather today, I am already planning, scheming and dreaming of camping possibilities.   My son and I both have birthdays this month and I asked family for a new sleeping bag and a roll up, wooden "table in a bag" to take to concerts, the beach etc.

Kettlemoraine campgrounds in Wisconsin are by far our favorites and Warren Dunes in Indiana are fun as well.   Both state parks are only several hours away from Chicago and good for a weekend get away.   I love living in the city, but tell the kids that I'm much happier and relaxed when we can spend some time "where the trees are taller than the buildings" to recharge.  

We will again be returning to Three Sisters Campground in Chillicothe, Il over Memorial Day weekend for Summer Camp, a 3 day music festival.   The kids' music education will continue the following month as well.   The band, Phish, is making a  comeback, with their first tour since 2004.   We will be camping on a small, lovely lake for two nights with a group of friends and taking the kids to Alpine Valley for their June shows.   It took 4 hours on line, right when tickets went on sale, to finally lock in 4 tickets for each night, but when I read about people paying upwards of 1,000 a ticket for their first Hampton shows, I felt like we got off easy with face value and a little time.

So, here's to summer, warm weather, camping out with friends and family...............and a killer new sleeping bag to die for.   What can I say?   It had my name on it.

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