Monday, March 16, 2009

Green Girl Welcomes Spring

She is fond of telling people that she has a green name, green eyes, and her favorite color is green. So far, her sage eyes match her name with apt precision.

This time of year, thoughts turn to green. We saw 3
green dogs at the St. Patrick's Day Parade. The Chicago River ran bright green all day Saturday. And the kids can forgo their navy and white school uniforms for green tomorrow.

Although the leprechaun and shamrock frenzy will soon pass, green shoots are optimistically pushing through the ground in our flower beds. Soon all the trees will glow with the unmistakable bright green of early spring. And my spring Sage will dance and play among Russian Sage and May Night Sage, flourishing and green in our urban yard.

This is my first entry on the photography blog, iHeartFaces, under the topic of green.


  1. She is lovely! And look at that hair!!

    I've always wanted green eyes... but blue is my lot :)

    Glad you joined in the fun!


  2. That's so cute! :-) Sage is a pretty name! - pretty eyes too!