Monday, July 24, 2017

DAY TRIPPIN: 35th Season of The Tempel Lipizzans in Wadsworth, IL

Regional Family Fun

Witness the sport of dressage LIVE in Chicago’s backyard
Tempel Farms, 17000 W Wadsworth Rd, Wadsworth, IL,
just north of Chicago

The Tempel Lipizzans’ return for a 35th season to present a LIVE, awe-inspiring 90-minute program of synchronized movements, athleticism and harmony between horse and rider set to classical music. The outdoor program follows the horses’ training progression from newest foals, frolicking around the arena, to the precise power of young stallions, to the refined grand finale of “Quadrille: Ballet of the White Stallions,” in which four highly trained adult horses perform difficult, dance-like movements in exquisite unison. 

Performance highlights also include the gravity-defying, military-style “Airs Above the Ground” leaps of “The Capriole,” “The Courbette,” and “The Levade” in which few breeds outside of Lipizzan are able to perform. The Lipizzans will also demonstrate a “Tribute to the Olympic Sport of Dressage,” a musical freestyle as one would see in the Summer Olympics performed by the top riders in the sport, including this year’s “Pas De Trois,” or ballet for three performed by intermediate-level stallions. 

Women make history at Tempel this year with the first woman to perform the long rein segment: 20-year-old Chelyn Firenz of Sauk Rapids, Minnesota. The first woman to perform the Airs Above the Ground movement “Courbette” is Emily Riccio-Robbins of Charleston, Illinois.

Check out Tempel Farm's main site here. Ditch the bustling city for the gorgeous countryside of Old Mill Creek. Evening performances include 2 FREE glasses of wine per person. Click HERE to see the full summer matinee and evening performance schedule. 

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