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ChiIL Mama's Adventures at Monster Jam 2015 at Allstate Arena #MoreMonsterJam #ChiMonsterJam

Once again, we had a blast ChiILin' out in Chi, IL with Monster Jam. Monster trucks are BIG fun and Allstate Arena is one of only 10 arenas nationwide to debut the new MoreMonsterJam format. 

Disclosure: We've been stoked to partner up with FELD for years now, on Monster Jam coverage. Thanks to our friends over at Feld Motor Sports® for providing tickets for our giveaway and for our family to come out and do a photo and video filled recap.

Check out the slide show here for our full set of original 2015 Monster Jam/Allstate Arena photos. We've embedded more favorites below:

An Exciting New Competitive Format

When Less is Not More:
Overall we had a blast at Monster Jam and there's a lot to like about the new format. What we didn't like about #MoreMonsterJam was more of our favorite acts missing! Megasaurus, the wreck munching mega monster, was missing from the half time entertainment.

The little rocket car and the dirt bike and quad jumpers who have always done such stellar tricks, like flips in the air, were all MIA for 2015 Monster Jam at Allstate too. We miss you!!

What Worked: 
Our seats were awesome this year, so we had a chance to shoot these monsters in action, up close and personal. Relive the excitement right here at ChiIL Mama, or enjoy it vicariously if you didn't make it there this year. The widely popular Monster Jam® tour roared into town and rocked Allstate Arena, Feb. 5-8, with an explosive new points-paying endurance showdown, featuring more of what the Monster Jam fans have been asking to see – more trucks, more action, #MoreMonsterJam! 

More Donuts! 

More Women:
Monster Jam is not just boys fun. There were tons of women and girls in the audience so it rocked to see 2 women out there driving the BIG trucks. My daughter has loved Monster Jam for years and this was her friend Mia's first time, and she had a blast too! 

The girls had just come from Girl Scouts where they are working on a Cadets projects about how women (& other stereotypes) are portrayed in the media. So it rocked for them to see women interviewing the drivers and killing it on the course too.

Mini Monster Trucks
Fans were treated to two new competition vehicles, extreme Monster Jam Speedsters and Monster Jam ATVs (designed to look like the big Monster Trucks). They ripped through the arena during combative racing action.

More Social:
FELD encouraged fans to Tweet, Instagram, Facebook and otherwise spread the word with fan photos and videos on Social Media with the hashtag #MoreMonsterJam, and shared some of the best on the scoreboard! Fun fun.  

Freestyle with the Monster Trucks is Still Our Favorite

These gravity defying wheelies and jumps hardly seem possible. The Allstate Arena event featured the biggest and best lineup of world famous Monster Jam trucks highlighted by more racing, more freestyle, more donuts, more wheelies and more competitive action than ever before. 

Headlining the tour were the fiercest Monster Jam athletes, who were the exclusive drivers of each of the teams made up of Monster Jam trucks, Monster Jam Speedsters, and Monster Jam ATVs. Each of the athletes competed against one another in a true test of endurance to earn valuable points during the seven competitive disciplines, unlike any Monster Jam event ever. 

More Wrecks:
We've been covering Monster Jam for years and we've never seen TWO of the big ones flip, which is exciting. There were also several of the quad runners that cornered too fast and went belly up. The drivers & cab are well padded with roll bars so they were all fine. 

Grave Digger dug his own grave with that spectacular wipe out right in front of us. 

Blue Thunder had the dubious distinction of flipping both the big and mini versions.

More Back Story:
This year the drivers were a bigger focus and we dig the banners featuring drivers around the arena, the back story, and the human element it brings to know whose behind the wheel of these beasts.

*These athletes are contending for a bid to the prestigious Monster Jam World FinalsSM held at Las Vegas’ Sam Boyd Stadium on March 26-28.*

Monster Jam Teams:
(We're super stoked to see El Toro Loco and Scooby Doo are driven by mighty grrrrrrrls, Becky and Bailey! Not just boys fun.)

Grave Digger®: Colton Eichelberger from Paxton, Ill., son of Max-DSM creator Tom Meents

Max-DSM: Morgan Kane

Blue Thunder®: Dalton Millican

Monster Energy: Coty Saucier

Scooby-Doo™: Bailey Shea Williams

New Earth Authority PoliceSM: Aaron Basl
Monster Mutt® Rottweiler: Daron Basl

El Toro Loco®: Becky McDonough


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Check out ChiIL Mama's past original Monster Jam videos here. 2015 Videos will be live soon:

ChiIL Mama's ChiIL Tips:

Be sure to protect your ears. 
Monster Jam is LOUD! 

Bandanas and drinks help, too, if you're luck enough to be down close 
to the dust zone.

Tickets are on sale NOW for Monster Jam 2016, so book early for the best seat selection. It rocks being close to the action!


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More Monster Jam Photo Favorites:


Disclosure: Once again, we've been stoked to partner up with FELD for years now, on Monster Jam coverage. Thanks to our friends over at Feld Motor Sports® for providing tickets for our giveaway and for our family to come out and do a photo and video filled recap.

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