Monday, February 10, 2014

Monster Jam Photo Recap #ChiMonsterJam #MonsterJam

We caught opening night of Monster Jam at Allstate Arena as we have for years. Congrats again to ChiIL Mama's 4 ticket winner, Berto R., out of 500 entries!

Monster Jam is a fun time, and it was cool to see a woman driver (Madusa) in this male dominated field. 

Once again I took 4 tweens and they had a BLAST!   The bikes & 4 runners that flip in the air were the undisputed favorites in our group. 

This is also the first time we've ever seen a Monster Truck turn completely over! 

Max D had a spectacular wipe out which was cool to see. The driver was unscathed.

Our stellar seating... (sarcastic font engaged)

In the past we've included score board recap shots, but we couldn't even SEE the board due to the banners.  One redeeming quality, the nosebleed seats for Monster Jam and Disney On Ice did give me a chance to practice what I preach and keep my kids from being spoiled & feeling "entitled".  We do loads of music, theatre and events coverage and press seats are usually fantastic, so I've given my kids the dreaded " lucky you are. Be grateful." speech more than a few times. They were a bit disappointed,but good sports about the seating, and had fun with their friends anyway.  

I was able to zoom all the way in with my pro camera, but the quality suffered, since I was shooting from the back rows of the 200 level. There was only so much I could catch. Here's our slideshow recap with more favorites embedded below.

I was more unhappy about our placement than the kids were.  With hundreds of close seats sitting empty on Friday night, I don't know why the promoters hosed us and put us in row Q at the back of the 200 level balcony when we've been in the first few rows for years.  I can't do my job and shoot the event decently from the worst seats in the house.  I hope FELD was better to our ticket winner at the very least! 

It wasn't due to a lack of open seating, as you can see:

Despite all that, we had a fun evening at Monster Jam.         

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