Thursday, November 28, 2013

Dress Up Like a Bear and Tease The Camp Out Consumers #BlackFriday

Hey... here's the deal for Black Friday.

Yes, it's that time of year, kidlets, when rampant consumerism and competitive deal shopping takes over otherwise sane people's brains and makes them do silly things like lining up on Thanksgiving night to get smokin' deals for the holidays.   It's intense... or in tents as the case may be.   If you can't bear it, add a little playful humor.

Redmoon's Bear-Skelebration 2013

We recently saw this idea on Facebook.  "Dress up like a bear & tease the people lined up in tents for Black Friday".

Redmoon, we're thinking you and our friends over at Strange Tree Group (who have a bear skin rug bear in their awesome current production, The Dead Prince) and Goodman's recent Jungle Book Baloo (Kevin Carolan) need to go out together tonight and remind people what the "bear necessities" of life really are.

Goodman Theatre Production Photo--The Jungle Book 2013

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