Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Bristol Renaissance Faire Opening Day 2013 Photo Filled Recap #originalphotos

Check out all our fun vicariously through the slideshow above.   We saw all the usual suspects, had a blast with our friends, and can't wait to go back again.

Huzzah!   Bristol Renaissance Faire is one of our family's annual favs.   It was delightfully fun to be back in merry olde England for the day with all our fire whip crackin', sword fightin', Barely Balanced, castle stormin', pirate catapultin' friends.   Pirate Sagezilla even nailed a double back flip!!

  • ChiIL Picks List:  Adam Crack-Fire Whip

This boy is on FIRE!   Check out his hot whip crackin' action on the green.  We've seen Adam whip open a can of pop numerous times and it never gets old!    

Neither does seeing him whip off his shirt :).   

Adam did add some new kazoo tricks and audience participation whip tricks involving a balloon and a brave man.   Check him out!

To Dress or Not To Dress...

We have an attic full of Renaissance fashion finds since I snag them at thrift stores year round.   But the kids bypassed all the peasant dresses, fairy wings, and knights' accouterments, and created their own costumes this year.   Du-Jay opted for Wizard (also bypassing our 2 wizard hats & Harry Potter robes for a DIY cape).   Sagezilla concocted a garden gnome costume, complete with a white face makeup beard.

We were delighted to run into a gnome "relative" of hers in the lovely Friends of the Faire Gardens.   It's soooo worth it to support the faire and purchase a membership.   Members have access to shade, seats, unlimited water & homemade sports drink refills and 2 private portalets with little or no line.

The kids and I LOVE an excuse to play dress up.   My husband's mr grey shirt/ anti-costume guy.   If you're intimidated by costumes, it's all good.   There are plenty of 21st century time travelers at the Ren Faire.  And that's OK too.   But whether you embrace your inner character and go historically accurate, hysterically funny, or every day casual... Bristol people watching is PRIME!

Ren Faire ChiIL Picks List

  • Adam Crack-Fire Whip
  • The Swordsmen
  • Barely Balanced (wacky acro)
  • Silks show
  • Jousting
  • Chalk Art

  • Lady Ettie 

Sage rubbing elbows with Ren Faire Royalty like crazy Lady Ettie
    Food Favs:
    • mile high chocolate crepes and/or waffle cones, butterfly chips, 

    • giant garlic pickles on a stick & corn on the cob

    (rare mythical beast-The UniCORN)

    Active Fun:

    • Pirate Catapult (bungee jump)
    • Castle Wall Climb

    Both of our friends made it to the top of the highest climb TWICE!

    • Camel rides & Petting Zoo (yay Lemurs!)

    • Rockin' Boats

    • Juggling/diablo/devil sticks booth
    • drum circle finale

    • ChiIL Picks List:  Pirate Catapult (bungee jump)

    Gavin, Molly, & Sage Rock the Pirate Catapult!

    This Weekend:
    Fancy yourself a pirate?

    Ahoy, Matey! Bristol Renaissance Faire Slates First-Ever Swashbuckler Weekend and Top Guest Performers for July 13-14

    The Bristol Renaissance Faire is battening down the hatches for its first-ever Swashbuckler Weekend, July 13-14. Boasting an incomparable booty of music, merriment, and at least a modicum of mayhem, the weekend will also mark the Bristol debut of the Iron Hill Vagabonds, an acoustic music duo that’s been attracting attention on the national Renaissance faire circuit.

                Bristol fans won’t want to miss the season’s only appearances of Doktor Kaboom, with his side-splittingly funny scientific diversions, and folk-madrigal singing sensations DeCantus. Other limited engagement appearances slated for the weekend include the Bristol premiere of the Jamila Lotus Bellydance Carnivale, and the second in a three-weekend-only engagement of Celtic rock phenomenon Tartanic.

                Named “#1 Renaissance Faire in the Country” in 2012, the Bristol Renaissance Faire is located on 30 wooded acres, just west of I-94’s Russell Road exit, near Kenosha, Wis. Open rain or shine, 10 a.m. to 7 p.m., every Saturday and Sunday through Sep. 2, and on Labor Day Monday, Sep. 3, tickets are $19.95 for adults and $9.50 for children, ages 5 to 12. For additional information, visit or call (847) 395-7773.

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