Thursday, May 27, 2010

Broken Bones--That Childhood Right Of Passage, Trolly Treats in Millennium Park TODAY starting at 11:30, and Hepheastus--making aerial tricks look easy without ending in a trip to the ER

Well, we managed to make it through the first 10 years of parenting, without any broken bones.   But our streak of luck ended this week as Sagezilla aerial cartwheeled her way right into the ER at Children's Hospital with a broken right ankle!!!!

According to Wikipedia, An aerial cartwheel is an acrobatic move in which a cartwheel is executed without touching hands to the floor. During execution of a standard cartwheel, the performer's body is supported by the hands while transitioning through the inverted orientation, whereas an aerial cartwheel performer is airborne while inverted. To compensate for lack of support from the hands, leg momentum is employed to keep the performer airborne until the leading foot touches down. Aerial cartwheels can be executed while running or from a stationary, standing position. Aerial cartwheels are also known by various other names, including side flip, side aerials, no-hands cartwheels, or simply aerials.
They generally don't give crutches to kids as young and small as she is, because they're too difficult for them to manipulate.   But Sage insisted that she could handle it, and she's learning fast.   She may be off the gymnastics mats for now, but in 4-6 weeks she'll have some mighty strong arms and a left foot that's gotten a great work out.
 She's in good spirits, not in too much pain, and actually excited to show off her injuries and tell her no handed cartwheel tale.   At Children's I told her, "Now you look like all those older girls at the gym meets, with their ace bandages and wrapped limbs."   Sagezilla smiled conspiratorially and added, "....or, like the roller derby girls."

Good news is, we're going into a long weekend, so she won't have to scoot up and down the stairs to her 2nd floor classroom again till Tuesday.   Bad news is......we had a big hiking and camping weekend planned.   So, we'll be back next week with the saga of "how to tackle trails on a broken ankle" and "crutch camping at it's finest"!   Happy Memorial Day all.    Play hard, have fun, and tuck n roll when you fall.

If you happen to be staying in town, check out how the pros do aerial tricks without landing in the ER.   Looking Glass Theatre's Hephaestus is playing at The Goodman Theatre through June 6th.   This show is truly mesmerizing and exciting for kids and adults.

Finally, if you're downtown today, we also recommend the city's premier hop-on hop-off (just don't hop on one leg with crutches!) sight seeing tour company's kick off to summer.


First 250 In Attendance Receive Free Passes For Chicago Trolley’s Signature Tour.
FREE Event For All Ages Features Tasty Treats And Prizes From Across The City

Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co. will kick off the 2010 Summer Season with the official opening of the seasonal Park Shop location in Millennium Park Thurs., May 27 at 11:30 a.m. The first 250 people in attendance will be given a free All–Day Hop-On-Hop-Off Signature Tour ticket. Free treats will be available, including Garrett’s popcorn, Hershey’s chocolate and a trolley-themed Eli’s Cheesecake. Attendees will also have a chance to “Spin to Win” prizes from the Chicago Cubs, Blue Man Group, Cirque Shanghai: Cloud 9, Park Grill, the Museum of Science and Industry and more.

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  1. Get well soon, Sage-y! I hope those crutches don't keep you from boogying down to Phish with us in a couple weeks. :) Can't wait to (hopefully) see you guys at Toyota Park!