Friday, April 23, 2010

The Big Four Oh For Earth Day

Earth Day--How does it feel?   You turned 40 yesterday.   Are the old joints creaking yet?    I was a little dismayed to find my in box cluttered with a bazillion earth day sales, buy-a-thons, and greenwashing.    

What ever happened to cleaning up a local park or lakefront beach, or planting a tree or some flowers?    Since when did celebrating Mother Earth entail buying more STUFF?!   We spent time outside with family and friends and marveled at that great shade of iridescent bright green that only happens as the new leaves unfurl each April.   

Then we watched a wonderful Japanese movie, "Nausicaa Of The Valley Of The Wind", directed by Hayao Miyazaki.    The heroine princess goes against unbelievable odds to rehabilitate her poisoned planet and save the animals, insects and people who live there.   And she brings peace and healing to her war torn village, when other short sighted leaders acted from a place of fear, and wished only to destroy everything.   We highly recommend this film, not only for the great eco-conscious message, but for the fabulous art work and story line.    We're huge fans of all of Miyazaki's body of work.

So please, make earth day every day.   Make this an earth year.    And get outside and love nature.   Enjoy the sun.   Feed the birds.  Dig the dirt.   Love the living critters, creepy crawlies and urban nature that share our city with us.   And most of all, teach your children, parents, friends and neighbors that the world is NOT our garbage can.

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