Tuesday, February 16, 2010

I ♥ Faces--I Wanna Dance

Dance--It's fun, expressive, and comes in a bazillion different speeds, styles, rhythms...........

It transcends language barriers and brings the world together, to laugh and smile and move to the beat.   

The kids have rocked out to punk at Lollapalooza and danced The Nutcracker at The Chicago Cultural Center.
Sagezilla's taken gymnastic ballet, while Du-Jay learned two modern dance numbers and put on a show with Zephyr Dance troupe.

This is our friend, Soren, dancing with an African drum troupe, at the Folk Festival in Hyde Park, Chicago.   The same day, we all tried square dancing, folk dance to fiddle playing, and African dance.

So here's to moving your feet and shakin' what your Mama gave ya.    
We ♥ Dancing!

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