Monday, October 26, 2009

I ♥ Faces Halloween Dress Up


It's that time of year again...costume season.   Last year I was thrilled that the kids both chose characters from books over TV.   Here's Du-Jay as The Rusty Knight from one of Bruce Coville's wonderful fantasy books.   He's an elderly, retired knight, who is hard of hearing and mistakes what people are saying in humorous ways.  

Sagezilla was typecast as Pippi Longstocking, super mighty pirate girl, from the Swedish books by Astrid Lindgren.

This year I'm equally excited they've gotten creative with music.  Sage is dressing as a "Punk Kin"--a big pumpkin costume with pierced nose and green hair, covered in 80's punk bands.   Du-Jay created a "Ska Crow", covered in Ska band patches.

Halloween is so much more creative and fun when kids design their own costumes, instead of pulling another Disney Princess off the rack, or donning the latest TV or movie clone.  Whether the materials are found around the house or at the thrift store, or scavenged from other costumes and morphed into something unique, one of a kind costumes rock!


  1. Awesome picture! And I LOVE the costumes your kids come up with.. Ska-crow? ROFL!!!!!

  2. Wow. I love this : ) So fab! Great idea. Very creative. And totally and completely CREEPY! EEKS!

  3. This priceless!!! Awesome shot!