Friday, September 18, 2009

RIP Kiddieland

Last Sunday, we had a last fling with Kiddieland, with 10 of our ChiHipFam friends.    Here's a Snapfish slideshow of the day's fun. 

Lucky Trevor got chosen again ........this time for an interview by CBS, Channel 2 news.   The interview didn't air, but there are prominent shots of Trev cheering to open and close the piece.   Sagezilla and I have a split second of our 10 minutes of fame as we can be seen standing next to him, and we're riding a green bumper car right after the opening cheer.   Here's the clip from the news.

We enjoyed The Little Dipper wooden coaster, log flume, Pirate Ship, Scrambler, and a wide assortment of rides.   There were just the right number of Mamas and kids, that we could split into smaller teams to ride different things then regroup easily.  

I was designated Scrambler adult, as the thought of spinning and flinging around made others ill.   Megg was go to girl for the Pirate ship--Galleon, and my kids both got their money's worth there, with multiple rides.   


It was a last blast.
We all hit the coaster, flume, and bumper cars.  

I was luck enough to catch our friends, Rebecca and her daughter Autumn (born in the Spring-a few days before Du-Jay--same year) as they came down the log flume.



Then we shared a pizza, curly fries, and cinnamon and powdered sugar elephant ears.
After dinner about half our our group was sensible and left. But we stayed with Nemo and his Mom and let the long haired kids have one last crack at their favorite rides.   The boys still got mistaken for girls when they hit the bathroom together.   But, they could tell people "We're long haired BOYS!" in unison, and laugh about it together.


We also tried the skill games, with the condition that each kid each get only 8 tokens--enough for one game.   Sagezilla won a tiny green dog by throwing a ball in a glass, and Du got 2 tickets, exchangable for goodies in the arcade, by not knocking down a fur rimmed clown.'s a plot.   So, we resigned ourselves to going inside the arcade building with Du's 2 tickets which would only buy a tiny plastic bug.
The Moms agreed to one.......ONLY ONE........more round of 8 tokens each, so the kids could maybe get a little bag of Go Go's Crazy bones for 5 tickets.   Sagezilla hit the giant jackpot, rolling her tokens into tiny flatbed trucks, while the light was flashing--twice.   My kids pooled their tickets, and from those $4 of tokens, they ended up with a whopping giant pile of 275 tickets!  

They bought a case stuffed with Crazy Bones--something like 55 little packets, that each have 4 characters, 4 stickers and a game inside!!  

 I'm happy to say they shared with Nemo.  

So ends a chapter of childhood.   Thanks for the memories Kiddieland.   You made kids smile from 1929-2009!   RIP Kiddieland.

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