Thursday, July 2, 2009

Hey from the West Coast

Sorry for the long silence. We're spending 10 days with my sister in Hillsboro, OR, near Portland. We've been too busy doing to do much writing. But after the 6th, I'll be posting a daily, in depth recap, with lots of photos. We caught the roller derby finals for The Rose City Rollers, sampled Voodoo Doughnuts, swam in Jamison Fountain, and had a super fun time exploring Portland.

Yesterday we drove an hour and a half to the coast. We're heading for the ocean again today, in Seaside, OR, where we plan to feed the sea lions at the local aquarium. Then we'll head down the coast to Cannon and Oswald beaches. After that, we plan to tour Tillamook cheese factory, to see where my cheese sandwich obsessed 6 year old's favorite sharp cheddar originates. Rumor is, they have excellent ice cream as well.

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  1. Hey-- sounds like a lot of fun! But when did they move Oregon to the east coast?! ;)

  2. Yeah, yeah. Um....that would be my other left, I mean West. That's what ya get from writing super fast, before morning coffee, without an editor.

    And, I was hiking mountains and hangin' at the ocean, so I couldn't even get back to an internet connection to change it till tonight :).

    Maybe I wrote East Coast to see if you're paying attention...Or maybe I'm more directionally impaired than I thought! I swear I got an "A" in geography.

    There is a Portland on the East Coast, of course, but we're not in it.

  3. I just figured you were all doing headstands, so east was west.