Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Remember September (2008 recap)

Ah, September. Back when a wind chill of 45 below, frozen locks and a hacking cough weren't a frequent reality. Our favorite thing about September is the annual Hideout Block Party, the last great music festival hurrah, before Chi IL is plunged into the deep freeze for another season.

This year included acts from The World Music Festival Chicago, like Little Cow who rocked!

Kids of all ages love those crazy freaks, Mucca Pazza marching band.

And local rockers Wee Hairy Beasties are quality musicians adored by kids and adults alike. It's so refreshing when children's songs aren't annoying to those over 5.

We even witnessed a zombie reenactment of Michael Jackson's Thriller video, and nightly headliner Neko Case who used to bar tend for The Hideout.

This was our third year volunteering for the block party. I believe it's never too early to get the kids doing something philanthropic. The kids are veteran volunteers in the box office of Facets Multimedia.

And they were thrilled to come back and work in the kids area at The Hideout. We're always doubly happy to kick in our time because every year proceeds from the Hideout Block Party go to help Literacy Works, Tuesdays Child and local public schools including ours.

Du and Sagezilla both loved seeing their energy in action as they pedaled a real bike to power a tiny bike on a world wide road trip.And they were exposed to hours and hours of diverse, world class music while creating art, free playing with friends and running amok. As always, there is no charge for kids activities. The play area is always fantastic and this year was no exception. The kids silkscreened their own unbleached cotton bags,

made sensory bottles, and played in the Tuesday's Child staffed Legos, dress up, face painting, temp tattoos and sand dig.

The Puppet bike is always a huge hit with it's oddball art and ratty, threadbare characters who dance and mug to tinny music. The choreography is minimalist and compelling, and in the audience, mesmerized kids could not be pulled away.

We even ran into an old highschool friend of Dug's who also brings his kids to music fests. We'd seen him earlier in the summer at Old Town School's Folk Music Fest. He's a fellow writer and music fan who custom silkscreens shirts with the lineup from each music fest for his immediate family.

This year, Hideout was also a site for Chalk 4 Peace, a worldwide art happening. Many more of my chalk related Hideout pixs are available on their site. Just double click the link below the photo of our friend, Sedona, with her chalk eye.

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